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Antilles- Le marin/Les grenadines

GRENADINES on Catana 47 (10 people , 10 days , November 2011 )

The first day: delivery of bunkering , administrative procedures ( must be declared out of French waters) . Taking the boat Catana 47 catamaran beautiful hand , everything is perfect : The interior : The spacious cabins, the presence of a toilet cubicle with a fridge and a freezer (which allow us to store meat for ten days ) and even a microwave handy for reheating Baby .

Comfort : Desalinator (about one hundred liters of fresh water produced by allowing time to be completely independent ) , the capacity of the two fuel tanks ( 800 L in total) , a double freshwater circuit, a motor case ( 7nds engine , maneuvers to everyone ) , air conditioning (never used except to allow our baby to sleep during a nap ) .

The rigging : High battened mainsail (which ranks all alone in her bag lazzy with electric winch hoist ) , a furling genoa and a furling gennaker also . With 15 knots of wind , the boat was over 10 knots , it can greatly shorten distances. External works : Multiple boxes that allowed us to go to 10 people for 10 days without having to redo races ( with the exception of fruits and vegetables). Curtains that allow for a little shade in the cockpit ( the sun rises early and begins to heat up very quickly ) . A trampoline that allows to admire the water flow between the hull and the ballet of dolphins. Day 1: 13H departure for St. Lucia, Bay La Raye ( 35 minutes covered in about 4H ) first operation splash splash (so we called on board , swimming from the edge ) and then moves to pass night in Marigot Bay ( mooring safe, local always comes to pass the rope through the ring of the dead body ) .

2nd day: Starting very early in Bequia (65 min), forced stop before the Grenadines. Administrative procedures. We take advantage of the bay, local shops (tee shirts, postcards , local fruits, ... ), and dine in a restaurant that he recommended the host committee (which will return the next day at the time we chose bring us fresh bread).

3rd day: Starting Mayereau (25 min ) in the late morning . We arrive in the afternoon in Salt Whistle Bay north of the island. It seems a prestigious hotel lies the milieu palms , but impossible to guess. It just sees a well protected with a white sand beach we enjoy fully Bay , some put in the shade of palm trees. We reserve our next evening .

4th day: Departure for Petit Bateau ( half hour drive) , we are at anchor in the Tobago Cays ( some compare the place to Polynesia) . We have a track for us , children enjoying swimming turtle underwater , it is ecstasy. On this small island , hiding in the grass iguanas . With the schedule, we go diving on the reef , we have the head and eyes in a real aquarium. Then return to Mayerau , our anchorage was booked , we descend every ten to taste cooked over a wood fire , a taste of paradise lobsters !

5th day: We move the boat to Salt Whistle Bay Saline Bay, a beautiful boardwalk is an opportunity to make many pictures . We go to visit the small church of Santa Divonne is located on the highest point of the island. From the above, we have a magnificent view of the Tobago Cays . We would have stayed longer on Mayereau , but our stay led us back out to sea Morpion , it seems the smallest island in the world. Everyone takes the game to set the fastest lap of the island ( record to beat 18 s) . We move in the late afternoon for our anchorage of the night, before Petit Saint Vincent. Our bedtime reading (the guide Patuelli ) advises us to go ashore for a drink in the hotel bar which occupies the whole island . Lack a little motivation . We admire the sunset from the island of Petite Martinique and Petit St. Vincent. In the night, a storm passes , we have the right to gusts of over 25 knots , the anchor holds , children sleep , only the skipper seems awake.

6th day: We must , for safety reasons , despite the large capacity fuel tanks to refuel (actually was consumed slightly less than half the fuel we have available ) . We should have done the full last night , which we would permi leave earlier . The fuel pump is on the island of Petite Martinique ( the furthest point south of our cruise , we are 140 minutes from Marin, our port of departure Martinique ) . Once refueled , we leave to the north. Given the speed of the boat , we arrived earlier than expected to Bequia, we take the opportunity to make a stop at Petit Nevis . The tiny beach hosts many conch . It will be difficult to explain to children that they can not bring all these beautiful shells in our luggage. We spend the night in the bay of Port Elizabeth Bequia .

7th day: Start very early , St. Lucia destination. The boat sails long when the kids wake up gradually . We admire the two peaks, two rocky headlands 700m high, when the welcoming committee with a well- colored boat, comes to meet us . We negotiate our walk on land stewardship and all that goes with it (bus to get around , the objectives of the visit, the removal of garbage and anchoring for the night in front of the Hilton Hotel http://www . jalousieplantation.com ) . Here we are in a mini bus. While we take care of the paperwork Beausejour children drink in a coconut with a straw . First visit the botanical garden, we learn a lot about the local flora. Then we go to enjoy an impressive waterfall , massage in the shower is a bit strong. Lunch in a local restaurant , before visiting the crater of a volcano and smell the sulfur fumaroles . Return to the ship in the late afternoon , everyone is excited about this great getaway on the ground.

8th day: Good morning , we start with the schedule for swimming and snorkeling to Petit Piton , gorgonians are many fish flock ( trumpet fish , parrot fish , puffer fish , ... ) even without bottle seabed are superb. Then destination Martinique . We have the chance to encounter a pod of dolphins, aquatic brush held under the trampoline leads a child to say "Mom this is the day of my life ." The weather is mild , we choose to anchor in the cul de sac of English, a very enclosed bay and very uncrowded . It is only at anchor , we take a bath again with the family. During their stay , the children took possession of the boat, which became a diving board for our young sailors . 9th day: We return to the port of Marin, we stop at the fuel pump , the technical team owner supports only a little tricky maneuver of stay. Back on the French territory, passing through customs is mandatory. We must now face the facts , we must abandon our traveling companion TURKHANA . We fly in the late afternoon , with head full of memories and memory cards camera very satisfied to enable us to keep long traces of this wonderful cruise . In conclusion : We have left out many places that are also worth a visit ( Wallilabou Bay on St. Vincent, the location for movie pirate caribbean , Mosquito Island and beautiful houses ... ) .

We chose to leave during school holidays of All Saints , because it is a period for which the tickets and boat rental are cheaper than peak season which begins in early December. Although we experienced some storms , it never lasts more than 5 minutes , once the refresh is complete, the boat dry immediately. At night the temperature drops a bit (30 to 35 ° C during the day ), but we never put on something other than a t-shirt at night .

We expect one thing: being able to leave.


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